Monday, 4 January 2010

Days of Fire

"There's no more trains going that way. There's no more trains coming this way. You better make your way home, son. There's something going down in London. Well that ain't gonna stop me. So I step out the station and what do I see? Traffic for days. Let me walk a bit and I'll see where it get me. Then it all went slow motion, everything slow motion. First came the flash of lights then the sound of explosion . And we're still in slow motion, we're still in slow motion ..." sings Natty on Days of Fire, his collaboration with Nitin Sawhney which deals with his experiences in July 2005. It's intriguing. So many London songs but some subjects seem to be shied away from. How many songs can you name about the IRA's campaign in London? How many songs about the 2005 bombings? One other that does spring to mind is Dem A Bomb We by Ladybug ft Warrior Queen, which Kevin Martin is behind. Kevin in the guise of The Bug had an LP called London Zoo, appropriately. The funny thing is I may have missed Nitin's London Undersound set without a tip from David Arnold of The Claim fame. Medway loyalties and all that. London Undersound features another lovely sort of tube related tune, where Roxanne Tataei sings of Distant Dreams ...

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