Thursday, 7 January 2010

Nowhere Square

"Time to rush to the stop. Catch my bus. I know. Time to stamp on a foot. Excuse me. I know. Wish I'd been born in a different time. Standing close to my seat is a girl seen before on a thousand dark mornings. And the perfume she wears follows her through the doors. Leaves me with no song to sing ..." muses Louis Philippe during his enchanting Nowhere Square number. Louis Phillippe, London songs and buses seem to be a bit of a recurring theme here. And why not? Except that while he was singing about London's buses the official dictum was that only losers take the bus. That of course completely misses what may be from a distance something somewhat romantic. Why else would the Count Five sing about the Double Decker Bus? And there's no overlooking the fact that TV shows like On The Buses were ingrained in our psyche. Then of course there was Here Come The Double Deckers, a transatlantic success, which in terms of kids' TV was wonderfully subversive, anarchic, communistic and we would dream of hanging out in a scrap yard with our gang messing around on an old London double decker. The Double Deckers' gang of course featured someone who has already appeared as part of this project. Now don't all shout at once. In this episode, in keeping with our proclivities, the gang get mixed up in the murky world of pop, with mixed results ...

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