Friday, 26 March 2010

Bethnal Green

"I'm usually hanging out in Bow. Hardly down Bethnal Green. But I think there's summat you should know when I strolls down Bethnal Green. Faces have changed so much and there's places that I ain't been ..." I suspect this project could be overwhelmed by contributions relating to London from the grime scene. Londoners have always had this innate ability to find schisms and divisions where there doesn't need to be any. Race, religion, the river, footwear, haircuts, football colours, and postcodes. The grime scene in particular plays on the post code game, and there are numerous tracks where rappers are talking up their particular locality. A lot of the music comes from the east of London, and in particular the Bow area. Ruff Sqwad is one collective, among whose ranks Tinchy Stryder has passed, which has made great play about coming from Bow E3 on tracks like Anna. Sqwad members Slix and Dirty Danger have also shown some real style in changing direction and location by talking up neighbouring Bethnal Green ... featuring some fantastic whistling too.

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