Monday, 29 March 2010

One Wish

"I grew up in the H town. Living life on the blocks. From then that's when I became unorthodox. Used to tie knots in my socks. Fill them with rocks. And I'd swing your jaw if you gave bad looks. Now I haven't changed. Still slightly deranged. Still slightly outraged. And I feel insane. Like the way I could take so much pain ..." On her hit single One Wish Shystie raps about growing up in E5, on the east side of London, specifically Hackney/Clapton. She was part of the grime scene, and seemed set for sustained success. But the UK music industry really doesn't have a clue how to develop the 'careers' of female MCs. Its record is lamentable when it comes to nurturing the wealth of talent on its doorstep. So Shystie has more recently had more success as an actress, ironically in the role of a female MC struggling to make it against all the odds in Dubplate Drama. She did release a great LP back in 2004, the appropriately titled Diamond In The Dirt, and hopefully another will enable her to make up for lost time. In the meantime ...

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