Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Disgusted E7

"These are the streets where nothing grows. There's easy pickings for the ones who know ..." Students of songs relating to London postcodes will probably point to The Wolfhounds' second session for John Peel's show on 26 May 1987 which featured a couple of relevant numbers. One was Disgusted E7, which they also released as a b-side. I always liked this as a title, as it makes me think of the type of folks that write to the local newspaper to rant about some subject or other. At the time the epithet Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells was supposed to sum up a certain sort of conservative grouch. By twisting it Callahan and the Wolfhounds relocated the malcontent to Upton Park or Forest Gate, perhaps as an Alf Garnett type figure. But then again when it came to expressing disgust at the world around us there was really no one better than Callahan. The other postcode related number from that Peel session was Boy Racers RM1, which referenced the group's own manor in Romford. It's an interesting thing about the Wolfhounds and London songs. There is always a sense of London in their songs, and they tended not to get explicit or specific even when the title directly referred to the Capital, like Ex-Cable Street. I liked that obliqueness, because there's more than one way to attack your targets ...

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  1. he is a champion disgust expresser isn't he. but lovely with it