Friday, 26 June 2009

Deptford Fun City

A blog about London songs would struggle to avoid Saint Etienne. But the administrators here have decided they are currently ineligible to participate while serving a three match ban for ungentlemanly conduct.

You see there was this film Saint Etienne put together about London called Finisterre, which is brilliant and no home should be without a copy. And yet the poor person who helped put the script together has been living in mortal terror ever since it appeared on general release. For there's a scene where they're record shopping, and buy singles by Subway Sect and ATV because they sung songs about London. That took the writer by surprise. It wasn't what he'd written. And while he was a massive fan of Subway Sect and ATV he wasn't at all sure they sang about London that much. So for years he lived in fear of being accosted by pedants, and armed himself with the covers of the first two Subway Sect singles just in case. Look, he would say, London ...

But now he's a lot more relaxed about things because he's got one of those newfangled MP3 contraptions and with a bit of technical nous can readily repel challenges by shuffling through to this song Mark Perry (the true star of Finisterre) sings on ATV's wonderful Strange Kicks about his very own Fun City SE8. That's Deptford to you if you weren't brought up to recite south London postcodes. The sequence you see goes in alphabetical order from SE2 to SE18 ... SE2 being Abbey Wood, SE7 Charlton, SE8 Deptford, SE9 Eltham, through to SE18 Woolwich. You get the idea. It gets confusing after that with lots of imposters ... but enough of that. Let's have a bit of a knees-up with Mark and Alex (Postcard producer) Fergusson down Fun City SE8. Come on and join the fun ...

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