Thursday 25 June 2009

Tomorrow's ace faces advertised today ...

I suppose there is a kind of irony in starting a blog about London songs when I have never felt so out of love with London. Though I suspect that has more to do with modern life generally than London specifically. So it's appropriate to flash back to the punk era when people were busy singing about being bored and disaffected when life had hardly been more exciting.

There is an enduring mythology that a lot of songs from the punk era were smart, sharp blasts about city life, but when you stop and think about it was that really the case? Well, certainly Generation X could claim to fit the bill nicely. Listen to their first LP, produced by the great Martin Rushent, and nearly every song has some passing reference to London life. And Kiss Me Deadly is a perfect example of this. The way it starts: "The Greyhound's rockin' out tonight. So maximum rockabilly. When two punks choose to risk the subway for a tube to Piccadilly ..."

This blog is dedicated to the type of person who has been concerned for over 30 years about which subway, which tube line Billy was singing about. Was it the subway at Elephant & Castle? That's on the Bakerloo line after all ...

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