Sunday, 25 October 2009

Geordie (London Bridge)

"As I rode over London Bridge one misty morning early I overheard a tender hearted girl plead for the life of Geordie ..." The folk song tradition, murder ballads, child ballads, and so on, I'm sure would be another rich source of London related songs. The rendition of Geordie by Shirley and Dolly Collins is a great example. Folk songs being folk songs, there are apparently many different versions of the Geordie tale, and only some of them have the London Bridge setting. Among those that use this version have been Joan Baez, and the Italian folk singer Fabrizio De Andre whose own songs would be sung by many including the very great Mina. Returning to our London theme and traditional folk songs, it's worth mentioning Shirley and Dolly's works also include Fair Maid of Islington ...

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