Thursday, 29 October 2009

I Love Lambeth

"I love Lambeth. With all the dirt on the streets. There's no better place for your feet ..." Ah but there's a catch. Just when you think the Monochrome Set's I Love Lambeth is going to be a bit of a Peter Ackroyd doing the Lambeth Walk romp Bid sings about getting a lung full of fumes from an old Vauxhall Chevette. Contrary character Bid. Rewrote Lonnie Donegan's My Old Man's A Dustman from the perspective of the privilegentsia. You half expect some Tory toff to cite it as a Desert Island Disc times being what they are. And among his many other glorious moments Bid juxtaposed armoured Cadillacs in Montevideo with the tailor's scissors in Saville Row in a moment of pure Graham Greenery.

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