Thursday, 15 October 2009

My Pervert Doppelganger

"He's taken a flat in Smithfields now. Where refrigerated lorries unload dead cows ..." In Momus' My Pervert Doppelganger he has a bit of bother with an imposter who sets himself up in a pad 'round Smithfield way, by the famous meat market, and indulges in a bit of identity theft. Taken from the Ping Pong set which Momus himself styled as futuristic vaudeville, it's genuinely amusing for some of the right reasons which may not always be the case with the man's work. It's also probably the only song that mentions Squarepusher and green tea in the same line. Sticking with the City references, Shoesize of the Angel from the same set has Momus accidentally missing someone on Threadneedle Street.


  1. Ping Pong is not atypical for a Momus album in being full of inversions and games of mirrors; ‘Shoesize of the angel’ is in fact an inverted rewrite of Momus’ biggest hit/miss, ‘Hairstyle of the devil’, which for me is a song shot through with London life, even though there’s no explicit mention of the city – just that picture of a barbers’ interior on the sleeve.

    Just remembered that ‘Love on ice’ from Tender Pervert mentions City Limits, the London listings magazine that lost out to Time Out.

    And ‘Closer to you’ on The Poison Boyfriend LP is riddled with references – the Circle line, Wandsworth Town, the Central School of Art, and ‘that wild octagon of mirrors the Tate calls a coffee shop’.

    Then there’s ‘London 1888’ on the 20 Vodka Jellies collection.’ Pity you’re not a bigger fan!

  2. I had a chat with Momus and he said let's quit while we're ahead. At least I think it was Momus. I suppose it might have been his ...