Wednesday, 7 October 2009


"You call yourself Brans(t)on but I know Brans(t)on's a pickle with no place on my plate ..." Surprisingly surveys still show some choose Richard Branson as the figure they most aspire to be like. And, in fairness, he has left his mark on London life, through Virgin Records and indeed there was a time back there (1980ish) when the Virgin shops along Oxford Street were far more interesting than the Rough Trade shop out west. Then there was The Venue and Heaven. But not everyone who has worked with or for the Virgin empire has been impressed with the way it operates. For example, the great Prince Far-I did not have fond memories of his time as part of the Virgin reggae imprint Front Line, and as part of Singers & Players recorded Virgin, setting himself up as a scathing prosecutor, and condemning the Branson approach to business. The track appeared in 1982 on a 10" as part of the On-U disco plates series.

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