Monday 8 February 2010

Chapel Market

"On the couch was this girl from Hamburg. Black mascara like you've never seen. Edie Sedgwick's evil twin ..." Animals That Swim's Chapel Market contains snapshots of life in and around a squat opposite the market. Sounds almost knowledgeable that doesn't it? Actually there is a very useful web page giving an A-Z of locations relating to Animals That Swim songs. So I know for instance Holloway Aviator was inspired by some wording on a headstone in Highgate Cemetery, though goodness knows what the words were. I have already confessed I missed ATS at the time, and certainly never knew of the 50 Dresses EP when it came out in 1993. At that time if you'd mentioned Chapel Market and music I would've thought of the great Andrew Weatherall and Sabres of Paradise's Haunted Dancehall. That's a record steeped in London references, though without words. Perhaps one day there will be a dub version of this site? Oddly enough I chanced upon an excellent radio show the other day where Weatherall was giving a bit of a guide to his London ...


  1. A couple of new Animals that Swim songs are available - see - no explicit London references though Silver Rays is actually set in the backstreets of Muswell Hill.