Tuesday 23 February 2010

The Grapes of Wrath

"The rain won't wash away their tears. The time has passed for crying. Cardboard walls against the cold. Where's the point in trying?" The Tyrrel Corporation invoke the spirit of John Steinbeck to condemn the economic policies that led to a rise in homelessness on London's streets on their track The Grapes of Wrath from the fantastic North East of Eden LP. Cardboard City was a congregation of homeless souls sleeping rough in the bullring at Waterloo. It was for many years a symbol of Thatcherism's failure right in the heart of London. It was cleared away and the bullring destroyed in the late '90s, to be replaced by a multi-million pound pointless BFI IMAX cinema. A totem for New Labour? The Tyrrel Corporation was sharp enough to realise that deep house Chicago style with socialist lyrics was a perfect mix. But then who could resist Marshall Jefferson, Ten City and the soulful vocals of (the splendidly Dickensian named) Byron Stingily ...

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  1. As some who used to sleep in the bullring 91/95,sleep not being easy to get at night,what with the soup runs,traffic above,alnight drinking going on around makeshift fires,shouting,fighting,noise of dogs 12 at most point(satan)a black labrador..how you relate this to maggie i dont know,but having moved on, wouldnt have missed this life experiance for anything,cause inside im still a bullring boy,only wiser..
    regards green paint