Wednesday 10 February 2010

Council Estate of Mind

"Talkin' about the science of social deprivation ..." And SkinnyMan has quite a bit to say on the subject on his classic Council Estate of Mind. Specifically he talks about his Finsbury Park home and generally he's talking up for the 'poor lower working class'. SkinnyMan is a fascinating figure. Another veteran of the UK hip hop scene, active since the year dot, part of the Mud Family with Chester P of the Task Force, appeared on Countryman by Skitz as part of the next wave but never got the breaks. He is in many ways the missing link between music hall coster singer Gus Elen and dancehall legend Yellowman. Part shrewd observer and part cartoon caricature. His sleevenotes for his sole LP are a spot-on summary of the traps and obstacles facing the poor on council estates. He then follows this with a string of expletives as though he's been rumbled and wants to throw up a smokescreen. Something suitably Shakespearean in that ...

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