Thursday 6 May 2010

Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square

"Bright city woman, walking down Leicester Square everyday. Gonna get a piece of my mind. You think you're not a piece of my kind. Ev'rywhere the people looking. Why don't you get up and sing?" suggests Ian Anderson in the early Jethro Tull number Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square. It's odd. For a long time the Tull was a bit of a guilty pleasure. I was really fond of some of their early works and thought they were lovely movers. Then I began to notice some of the hip hop headz were coming out as fans and I read a piece where Nick Cave was enthusing about the group and I thought hmmm well it's not just me then. And I really am a soft touch for a bit of flute in my pop music. Anyway, Mr Anderson seemed to like writing about the character Jeffrey in his songs. Like this one which they got to perform on the Rolling Stones' Rock 'n' Roll Circus in 1968 which has a real Beefheart and the Magic Band feel to it. Fantastic stuff ...

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  1. The question has been bothering me for years. Why is this song called Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square? I believe Jeffrey is a person in his band. Why does he go to Leicester Square? The title likely has nothing to do with Leicester Square, and is just an absurdist title. Maybe Jeffery goes there, and meets a woman and he says you can’t be mind because its not really Jeffrey? It’s Ian Anderson and he meets a pushy fan woman and he tells her I’m married. “You may be someone's, but you won't be mine.” Did you know Ian Anderson created a diary under a character’s name “Gerald Bostock”?