Friday 14 August 2009

April in King's Cross

"Don't matter where you came from. Only mattered that you were lost. The day you came to lean on me. In April in King's Cross ..." Past the British Library, St Pancras Chambers, as far as King's Cross. From the Jasmine Minks' sunset over King's Cross to the Tyrrel Corporation's April in King's Cross, from their 1994 LP, Play For Today. In an ideal world the Tyrrels would have been as successful as the Pet Shop Boys. And while the Pet Shop Boys and Derek Jarman are among my pet hates, it has to be said this video for the pair's King's Cross track does have a certain charm, though you're better off reading Nik Cohn's Yes We Have No ...

1 comment:

  1. i've come to like the pet shops over the years, this sort of thing especially. derek's a funny one - his pictures and films i can't bear but his writing is lovely, especially the garden stuff.