Monday 17 August 2009

I like London in the rain

"Feel the couples arm in arm. London drizzle has its charm. Winds are blowing. Lights are glowing. Falling rain ..." It was actually Tracey Thorn who was responsible for getting me interested in the work of Blossom Dearie, and I couldn't believe how perfect her 1970 That's Just The Way I Want To Be was. Recorded with some of London's top jazz players, it's wonderful. The standout track is I Like London In The Rain is astonishing, funky as whatnot, with a beat that sounds 25 years ahead of its time. There don't seem to be too many clips of Blossom in performance, but this one is lovely and has a tenuous London link.


  1. Wow...fantastic! It sounds oddly familiar...Has there been another version of this sometime in the last several years?

  2. No that I know of, but I'd be astonished if the drums hadn't been sampled many times. I'm the world's worst at spotting samples though.

  3. Ms Blossom Dearie was a gentle person, and unique talent.
    (I came here via Mrs.Socombe Regrets recommendation)

  4. monster. and still available on a lovely 45 from honest jons