Saturday 1 August 2009

Sunday Afternoon Dingwalls

"Dingwalls. Yes. Kicking, back and forth, shuffles, turns, lurches, rhythm, rhythms, swing, swung ..." The day out continues. Up the road to Camden Lock. At the suggestion of Mark Murphy and his Dingwalls track, where he takes the listener on a whirlwind tour of the London jazz dance scene. Sunday afternoon at Dingwalls. Talkin' loud and saying something. Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge. Two gentlemen who have done so much to awaken a passion for jazz. Jazz in the broadest sense. And the jazz dance thing could be a serious business. Some of those jazz dancers were very serious about what they were doing. IDJ. Jazz Defektors. And this fantastic, surreal clip of Brothers In Jazz in an Archie Bell style showdown with commentary from Gilles. Jazz dancing as spectator sport. Will it be in the Olympics


  1. always a dark corner shuffler but hell i still miss those sunday afternoons too often so wired we'd stay for the evening reggae sessions too. and gee the things we heard

  2. Which reminds me - what DID become of Joey Jay? Do you remember a song he used to play a lot - by Martin Campbell which went "Why do the wicked ones rule ..." I loved that.