Friday 28 August 2009

Walking down the King's Road

"In the Chelsea drugstore with some friends of mine, saw Mister Jimmy still standing in line ..." A gem from the 1979 mod resurgence Squire's Walking Down The King's Road, adopting a bit of a 'things ain't what they used to be' stance, explicitly refers to one of the ridiculously small number of Rolling Stones songs that openly mentions London life. Now as someone born in the same place as Jagger and Richards (a crossfire hurricane!) this is slightly disappointing. you'd want there to be many more. Or am I missing something? This, of course, is the other big Stones London number ...


  1. I did a cut-out-and-keep guide to King's Road last year - have a peep here..

  2. Excellent stuff. Thanks for that. Hope you caught the previous day's film of Anthony Newley and Lucille Ball down the King's Road.

  3. Was looking for a description of what the lyrics meant, a deeper meaning. Thanks.