Sunday 2 August 2009

Sunday Evening Primrose Hill

"Went to see the sun go down on Primrose Hill. Sunday evening sun go down on Primrose Hill. Never could be anything else. Never should be anything else ..." The day out continues. Walk up to Primrose Hill to watch the sun go down. You've got to hear this tune in your head. Beverley Martyn's Primrose Hill, the highlight of The Road To Ruin, the record she made with John Martyn in 1970. Primrose Hill is a location heard often quite often in song, but Beverley's is a voice we have not heard enough of. I know from my all British girls issue of That Will Never Happen Again (bought appropriately in Camden bookshop Compendium many years ago) that Beverley had (before working with John) worked on the London folk circuit and released a couple of singles on Deram. One side was Where The Good Times Are and is something of a total mod/freakbeat classic, with Beverley telling the story of leaving home and heading to the big bad city.

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