Saturday 8 August 2009

The Park: London Town

"Walking 'round, walk everywhere. Through Regent's Park, down through Trafalgar Square ..." A proper day out continues. Crossing back over into the Park. Taking the advice of the Light Of The World boys, weather permitting, and walking it. London Town by Light Of The World. Oh, this is such a great feelgood song. Here representing the London/south east jazz funk phenomenon. School days and soul boys with their wedge haircuts, or wet perms, their Farah slacks, white socks, loafers, waffle cardigans, sheepskin coats, gold chains, 12" imports, and Maze car stickers in their Ford Capris. Ah. And then there was the splinter group Beggar and Co. who made one of the most exuberant Top Of The Pops appearances with their classic (Somebody) Help Me Out ...

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