Tuesday 25 August 2009

The Boy From Chelsea

"In Chelsea there's a boy, working in a little coffee shop there. He's got the cutest smile. And every chance I get I stop there ..." Ah when the '60s were swingin' it wasn't just Bacharach & David among the songwriting fraternity that wanted a piece of the action. Goffin & King gave it a go too. Now there was a time when unisex hair salons were the height of sophistication. And it was a neat song tradition too. Thus the Goffin & King number in question could be David Jones singing The Girl From Chelsea, pre-Monkees, and with the sort of mockney accent Damon Allbran made a career out of. Or better still it could be Truly Smith singing about The Boy From Chelsea. Oh I love these YouTube postings, revealing people's private obsessions. Gor, look at the chassis on that ...

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