Wednesday 12 August 2009

Euston Station

"People rushing, getting more in a rut each day, so afraid of what big boss man may say ... ticket collectors, detective inspectors, Euston Station, always the same, such a shame ..." Across the lights at the Hampstead Road, past Euston Square. Ah this is a bittersweet one. A location that holds so many painful and precious memories. Barbara Ruskin's Euston Station is a beautiful song captures something perfectly and deserves to be as well known and as widely loved as the Waterloo Sunset it pipped to the post. But Barbara's luck seems to have been as good as mine. She was a great singer and songwriter, had numbers covered by the Equals, Foundations, but is still criminally neglected. The compilation A Little Of This is unreservedly recommended. It also includes another gem of a London, On South Street, which would have fitted neatly into our Mayfair-ish sequence.


  1. yet another ffab artiste i've never hearrd of - where have i been ? these have been played almost endlessly the past few days. ta ever so.

  2. Absolutely lovely: how have I never heard that before? You do splendid work here companeros.