Friday 7 August 2009

The Canal: Roofing Tiles

“A boy was pushed in this afternoon. Though he’s claiming now that he fell ... an old friend’s mum goes on walking by. Says she’s kinda tired but she’s well ...” The proper day out continues. Out of the zoo, over the road, and a walk along the Regent’s Canal. You might even see Rob Galliano sitting there wondering. But then the canal is nine miles long, stretching from Limehouse Reach to the Grand Union, and as such it could tell a tale or two. Galliano can tell a tale or two, and Roofing Tiles is so beautifully melancholic that we are particularly grateful to la belle dame Dusty Sevens for the splendid suggestion. More audience participation is actively encouraged. And if our luck holds we might find the video here for Roofing Tiles ... Worth being patient as we're not allowed to watch it on YouTube in the UK. Grrr ... because it's quite lovely.


  1. gee but that really is a fine thing and what a top video. been loving his koop contributions too

  2. Have to confess I hadn't heard (of) Koop until a few minutes ago. But I think I'm gonna have meself some fun catching up!!

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  4. Thanks Evangeline. I love it when the internet leads you down strange, unexpected avenues!