Wednesday 29 July 2009

Cockney Translation

"The translation of cockney to understand is easy. So long as you ain't deaf and you listen me keenly. You should pick it up like a youth who find some money. Go tell it to your friends and also your family. No matter if a English or a Yardy ..." Another smash from the Fashion label, Smiley Culture's Cockney Translation pitched the old against the new, helpfully detailing English like what it is spoken. It was even a minor hit in the mid 1980s when the UK reggae scene generally and the Saxon Sound System specifically produced a number of talented DJs who were talking about daily life in London with considerable wit and wisdom. "Sweet as a nut.... just level vibes seen?"


  1. Love it.

    Police Officer is even better.

  2. That reminds me...

    You've probably got this on here already, too.

  3. Thanks Boz. Yup have featured police Officer and Newtrament. Fantastic choices though. Exactly what the project's about.