Friday 24 July 2009

Life begins at Oxford Circus

"By heavens, Sid, if it wasn't for Saturday night I'd go bonkers." "Yeah, marvelous isn't it. Oh I can't wait to get into my pointed two-tones and off down the high street. You feel like a king. A clean shirt on, new Peckham, a pair of luminous almond rocks, a new whistle, a nice crease in my strides, the barnet greased up, flashing the Hampstead Heath to all the bona palones ..." Galton & Simpson knew what was what. The eternal redemption offered to workers by the weekend. As expressed in 1935 by the Jack Hylton Orchestra. "We don't care how hard they work us just as long as we have fun". Originally from a Crazy Gang revue, Life Begins At Oxford Circus, goes like this ...

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