Tuesday 21 July 2009

Soho a go go

"We have a report of a disturbance outside the Flamingo nightclub ..."
While The Members' Soho A Go Go may lack the historical incisiveness of the fantastic Nickel In The Machine's account of the knife fight at The Flamingo between Johnny Edgecombe and 'Lucky' Gordon and its role in relation to the Christine Keeler affair, Nicky Tesco and co did have a winning way with spinning a yarn. This tale of getting on in the Met and policing the Soho beat could creep straight out of a Colin MacInnes or Jake Arnott novel. You can practically see the palms being greased and smell the ambition. For more on The Flamingo itself in the modernist era it's worth paying a visit to Jack That Cat Was Clean. And as our Capital is in the grip of a financial crisis this seems an entirely appropriate Members number too ...

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