Monday 27 July 2009

Saturday Morning Rush

"Er, yeah, yeah, I know it's your sister's wedding. No, of course, I'm not going up west to buy records. Yeah, I'll be back by 12.30. Yeah. Later ..." One of the great traditions of the West End and Soho is shopping for records. Names change. Shops come and go. But the need remains. Even now. In these troubled times. But how many songs are there about the act itself? Earl Zinger's Saturday Morning Rush captures perfectly that illicit trip, the race against time, the oh so necessary excursion to go get a certain record. The one time Mr Galliano sets off from home in Hackney, heads up to the West End searching for that elusive Skitz 12". The sense of movement is perfect, the detail extraordinary, and it's as funny as hell. It's also another song that mentions getting a number 73 bus.


  1. that 73 bus don't half get about - it was tragic when it went bendy and we had to walk all the way over to finsbury town hall to get a 19 instead.

    roofing tiles got a play out over here the other day and sounds like just the thing for your spot

  2. Hey, good call. I was conscious of needing to dig out the Galliano records. Didn't he improve with age? Hmm, no 19 bus. Been desperately resisting that one.