Wednesday 15 July 2009

Piccadilly - A Music 'all Interlude

"Spending his cash like a silly, out with some Mabel or Milly, winking at girls down the 'dilly. Where is mama's darling boy?" There's quite a tradition of Piccadilly turning up in Music Hall songs. Like Herbert Campbell's Mamma's Darling Boy. And Frank H Fox's Drop Me In Piccadilly where our hero offers some suggestions to the local constabulary. And best of all (with special thanks to Andy Hitchcock) there's Hetty King singing Piccadily: "In the daytime Grandad's searching for truth but at night time he's searching for his youth ..." Hetty was one of the top male impersonators of the Music Hall era, and miraculously there is surviving film footage of her in character in her prime ...

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