Friday 3 July 2009


Certain artists have a bit of a reputation for writing and recording London songs. You know the names. You won't hear them here. Not unless it really fits the story and it's a song that's not over familiar. There are other artists who have recorded some really important, really wonderful London songs, but never really get any credit for it. Like Shut Up And Dance. One of the most vital forces in UK music but one totally impossible to pin down. Reggae sound system, ragga, UK hip hop, rave, hardcore, jungle, breakbeat. All of that and more. Defiantly independent. And outspoken. Great label too. Essential records from Nicolette, Ragga Twins. The 1992ish S.U.A.D. LP Death Is Not The End covers a lot of ground and has a lot to say for itself. Kevin Rowland adds acoustic guitar to Autobiography of a Crackhead. Raving I'm Raving got to number one for a day. Pure White Black Lies will break your heart. Java Bass will get you dancin'. And then there's Runaways ... gritty, compelling drama.

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