Wednesday 1 July 2009

A view from her room

The old idea about how in order to get you need to move to London. But does it bring happiness? There's a great quote from Weekend's singer Alison Statton about how A View From Her Room "is, thinly disguised, about me and how unhappy I was when I settled in London. It's about a day when the rush hour traffic was going past outside my window and I had to keep the window open and hear it as it was so hot in the middle of last summer. There's an air of escape in it as well I think ...". A View From Her Room is an important London record in other senses too. It was the record of the summer of 1982, and in particular this 12" version woke a lot of people from the punk generation up to the possibilities of jazz.


  1. Crikey, I've just swanned in here from Miss Ally's and found the only other person in the world who likes 'A View From Her Room' and Laurel & Hardy (Version) as much as I do. I'd call it kismet if I knew how to spell it.


  2. I think we may have a comrade in arms. Mr Fruitier Than Thou has been prompted to dig out and post a Laurel and Hardy Kid Jensen session and is busy searching for their Peel session.

  3. Then there was three...
    Love WEEKEND but currently annoyed I can only find 2 tracks from the Jensen session.. They will turn up one day...
    Mr H
    The PEEL Laurel & Hardy session is here

  4. I think I have the one you mean on a weird Vinyl Japan CD of Weekend odds and sods. Do you want a copy? It's got the OGWT tracks and the Ronnie Scott's live LP on.