Wednesday 29 July 2009

Domestic Science

"With much less lolly in our pop, still we don't stop. 'Coz we find resource turn water into wine every time ..." says Wildflower on Domestic Science by Skitz. While this is not likely to be the 12" Earl Zinger was rushing 'round London to get hold of, it is the standout track from the Skitz Country Man LP. Out of 23 Skidoo's Ronin stable, DJ/producer Skitz is one of many unsung heroes of UK hip hop. On Domestic Science he got together three of the most promising MCs on the London scene, and seizing the opportunity Wildflower, Tempa and Estelle give their side of daily travails, with a London accent, "whether it's rapping or working on the checkouts at Asda." If you want to know more about how the media and music business works it's worth investigating what happened subsequently to all the particpants in Domestic Science. It's quite a lesson. There is a better quality cut of this video, if you need it here ...

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