Sunday 11 October 2009

And Tomorrow the Stock Exchange Will Be The Human Race

"Join the legions of the rich. And the world will be ours. There is only one thing on earth worth dying for. Oh profit is the only thing worth dying for ..." Malcolm Eden of McCarthy's words to And Tomorrow The Stock Exchange Will Be The Human Race are a clever rewrite of The Internationale from a capitalist perspective. I wonder if anyone has dared take it at face value. Neo-conservatives aren't great at irony after all. On the same LP this came from (Banking, Violence & the Inner Life Today) McCarthy tackled a similar theme on The Drinking Song of the Merchant Bankers. I wonder if 20 years on Malcolm has allowed himself a wry smile about the lines: "Let's live for the day and let's not sweat. It's not time to commit suicide yet. Now what possibly could go wrong? What possibly could go wrong?" Quite. More cocktails here barmaid ...

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