Wednesday 14 October 2009

Crossing Newbury Street

"I recall crossing Newbury Street. Cutting corners and keeping everyone sweet ..." Right at the start of this project La Belle Dame Dusty 7s suggested Surf by Roddy Frame as one of the most Londonish records around. Quite right too. And Roddy's Crossing Newbury Street is a lovely Londonish song with a present and the past pleasantly disarranged theme. Though it remains unclear what Roddy was doing in the City. He does, however, have some previous when it comes to London related numbers, and this is a great one for howling along to when it comes on the radio ... Sing Michael sing.


  1. A phenomenal song, although I believe the Newbury Street he's referring to is in Boston.

  2. Oh well, I did say Londonish. It's a beautiful song, so any excuse will do.

  3. surf is as much an lp for the city as a lost love i reckon all those bits you lose when you lose the one you had them with. clerkenwell is desperately lost to me still after years....