Friday 2 October 2009

London Bouncers

"London bouncers love their power. Turn a good evening really sour." London Bouncers by !Action Pact! captured something of the moment. That is all the violence at punk gigs was not solely among the audience. Tales are rife about the unacceptable behaviour of bouncers at the time. And as !Action Pact! point out, London bouncers were responsible for the death of Henry Bowles at a gig in King's Cross in October 1977. Things have moved on, of course, and there is much tighter regulation. At the time of recording this track some of !Action Pact! were ridiculously young, but singer George Cheex was a real star. There were moments when they deserved both their exclamation marks.

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  1. Always wondered about the story behind the line in this song. Thx.