Saturday 17 October 2009

St Paul's Beneath A Sinking Sky

"London has been called the city of encounters; it is more than that, it is the city of resurrections ..." On the liner notes for the Strange Geometry set The Clintele use this quote from Arthur Machen. Over recent years The Clientele has been one of the brightest spots musically, and they've contributed some wonderful sense of London songs. St Paul's Beneath A Sinking Sky is an early example of the group's work, but shows even then they had that certain something about them. St Paul's is my favourite London landmark, and while entry is no longer free you can sneak into services and experience something special no matter what your religious views. It's got a sense of history too that building ...

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  1. Somehow I'd completely missed out on the existence of 'It's Art Dad' - so thankss.