Tuesday 20 October 2009

London Bridge ... once

"I stood alone beneath the dark and cloudy sky, and watched the river as it gently flowed on by. I saw my life unfold before me. It looked so sad and oh so lonely ..." Then suddenly on London Bridge Cilla Black fell on love, and she is now bemoaning the fact that London Bridge's been taken away. That's a reference to the bridge sinking beneath the weight of traffic and being dismantled and sold off to some businessman in Arizona in 1968. This London Bridge is a fantastic 1969 number written for Cilla by Clive Westlake, and 'er Bobby whom she married that year. Wasn't it the recording of Cilla's Work Is A Four Letter Word that split up The Smiths? Nice one. Personally I've never forgiven Cilla for when I was taken to see her at a very early age in panto (Aladdin, I think, with Roger Whittaker perhaps) and she came out on stage to say Liverpool were beating West Ham. How to endear yourself to a London audience in one easy lesson. That might have been about the same time this was recorded ...

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