Monday 2 November 2009

Brixton Rock

"Sometimes we oblige. Next time we abuse. Now there's good and there's bad in everyone ..." Lorna G's Brixton Rock is a wonderful attempt at accentuating the positive of a place so often given a bad name. Brilliantly mixing up early hip hop with the reggae tradition, referencing Gary Byrd's The Crown, it contains the immortal lines: "Don't need to boast. Don't need to brag. Don't gimme cocaine, I'll do with a fag ..." The versatile Lorna (Gayle) also did lovers rock and the exceptional Mi Giro (Three Weeks Gone) with the Mad Professor at the controls. She is also captured performing Brixton Rock in an amazing piece of TV footage which also features Tippa Irie & Daddy Colonel, then in a more militant style the great Ranking Ann with the Saxon Sound System speaking up for the striking miners..."We 'ave a right to fight!" And if perchance the embedded link is not working here's a slightly different take on proceedings sans Ranking Ann but featuring Tippa Irie complaining about his neighbours ...

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