Monday 9 November 2009

Hilly Fields (1892)

"Mr C.G. Fields lost his job with the Board of Trade. Walking through the fields he saw things that made others afraid – afraid. Yeah – 1892 – lines are still on you – Hilly Fields. Yeah – 18th of July – someone in the sky – Hilly Fields ..." Hilly Fields is a piece of unexpected greenery I passed I wouldn't like to think how many times as a kid, on the way to my grandparents', on the bus up from Lewisham to Brockley/Crofton Park. So nick nicely's Hilly Fields (1892) is a song that evokes specific memories. It's a wonderful work of art. While psychedelic is an overused epithet, for once it is an apt description of this beautifully strange song. The cello, the scratching, everything. And it's a particular favourite of Trevor Horn's I understand. nick nicely is still active and still creating south London songs ...


  1. Hi there, great blog!!
    has anyone the chance of upload the wonderful 'Psychotropia' compilation of nick nicely work?? thanks in advance!!

  2. Wonderful song, Hilly Fields.