Monday, 7 June 2010

Back On The London Stage

"Back on the London stage. We sailed away, oh we sailed away. Back on the London stage. Maybe one day we'll have time to argue. Looking for London pride. We'll watch your day but we'll keep away from you. Back on the London stage ..." sings the great Jayne Casey on the Pink Military track Back On The London Stage from their classic 1980 LP Do Animals Believe In God? I loved the 'hit' single, Did You See Her, from that LP so much. Played it endlessly. Over the years I've read an awful lot about Patti Smith, and come across lots of people who talk about the impact she's had on their lives. I respect that. But I've never really felt the same about Patti. For me Jayne Casey captures that whole thing better. From Big In Japan to Pink Military to Pink Industry to Eight Productions and beyond Jayne's vocals and presence are remarkable. She has been part of some of the best music ever made ...

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  1. June 2010 at 15:04

    Well...I'm listening to my 7 inch of "Did you see her?" right now. I stupidly sold the lp years ago...oops!!
    I like that track with G Love....
    Hope you got my e.mail from a while ago....
    let's catch up for a cup of tea...all the best ..Keith x