Saturday 5 June 2010

Sights And Sounds Of London Town

"Oh Jean-Paul he came over from Toulouse. They told him that London was the golden goose. He never got his hands on enough to eat. He never did get his arse up off the street. Wanted to be a rap DJ. They took his pulse then they turned him away. Under the radar of your fellow man. With all that charisma it ain't worth a damn ..." That's the Sights And Sounds Of London Town according to Richard Thompson. Or, if you like, the side of the Capital they don't promote to tourists. Richard has a gift for writing about the darker sides of city life, and has a number of London songs in his portfolio. There's a case to be made for early Fairport numbers like Meet Me On The Ledge and Genesis Hall, for example. While more recent numbers like Old Thames side and Cooksferry Queen fit the bill nicely. The latter song's title refers, I believe, to a hotel up Edmonton way that was part of the '60s live circuit. For someone as important to the history of popular music as Richard Thompson it's a little ironic that I first became aware of his name through his playing on some of David Thomas' recordings ...


  1. June 2010 at 14:40

    Fantastic clip Kev...I saw Richard Thompson at the South Bank on the Mock Tudor tour...he was magnificent...great band, songs and performance...A very intelligent writer and an extraordinary guitarist...
    "The Old Kit Bag" is as good an English lp as anyone has ever made....Top man...

  2. Great song by the fantastic Richard Thompson. Only wish I could made some of his Meldown shows this month.