Wednesday 2 September 2009

Down at Battersea Park

"I know a place in the centre of London where you can get your money's worth. You can play on the swings or the sideshow. You can sail in a boat on the lake ..." Now this is surreal. Germany's answer to the Edwin Hawkins Singers come up with an ode to one of the best parks in London sung in a distinct north of England accent. Our pop sleuth Brian Kotz advises that it was written by Jimmy Bilsbury (once of the Magic Lanterns) and that he probably handles the lead vocals too. He would later write Belfast for Boney M, who have links to the Les Humphries Singers, but then so do Uriah Heep. Mention Battersea Park to me and I will immediately think of the Easter Parade which relatives would religiously attend. Once upon a time this was a significant event in the social calendar ...

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