Monday 14 September 2009

Richmond ... two times

"Remember the nights on the island. Newcastle ale. Lying on the grass. Jeff on stage with the Tridents. And talk about the past ..." Richmond by Shelagh McDonald is from her debut LP from the start of the '70s. A completely beautiful folk rock record, which includes contributions from the Mighty Baby guys which is always a good sign. Shelagh made one more LP (with arrangements by Robert Kirby and most of Pentangle helping out, so another good sign) before disappearing for the next 30 odd years. She reappeared in the offices of the Scottish Daily Mail in 2005. Richmond itself was written by the equally intriguing Andy Roberts, who apart from making some fantastic solo LPs (Nina and the Dream Tree is particularly recommended, featuring the lovely I've Seen The Movie) also played with the Liverpool Scene, the poetry/rock experimental project, and Plainsong with the great Ian Matthews. The Plainsong LP In Search of Amelia Earhart is at times better than the Byrds and the Burritos.


  1. Lovely. I've been enjoying Mr Roberts' accompaniment to Adrian Henri's 'Tonight At Noon' just lately - off of the Perfumed Garden tapes....Connections, connections...

  2. There are some wonderful Liverpool Scene clips on YouTube which seem to be from a TV show/series.