Tuesday 15 September 2009

Richmond ... three times

"I'm waitin' here in New York City. The rain is falling. There's no one who cares. There's no one loves me here ..." The Faces' Richmond finds Ronnie Lane in a melancholy homesick mood. Must be those leafy lanes he was missing. Don't ask me why, but it still amazes me how wonderful some of the Faces' recordings were. And those moments when they get all tender are pretty special. Especially when Ronnie Lane steps up to the microphone. Debris, and so on. That vulnerable voice. And that cheeky grin. Bless 'im.


  1. Ah no one quite gladdens the heart like Ronnie. I always thought that song was about Richmond Virginia, though....

  2. Virginia? Surrey? Too good an opportunity to miss! Definitely Richmond connections via Mr Wood, and they're London boys. So I thought I'd indulge myself!