Saturday 12 September 2009

East Sheen

"They think because you're young you don't know what you're doing ..." I doubt the local Chamber of Commerce uses East Sheen by O Level to promote the prosperous south west London suburb. But Edward Ball sounds like he is less than thrilled with life down Richmond way. I always get a little confused exactly where this debut O Level single sits in the TVPs' scheme of things but I'm pretty sure it was right there at the start with 14th Floor. A follow up O Level EP would include a 'tribute' to Revolver, the TV series produced by Mickie Most where Peter Cook would introduce the hip punk acts of the day. Among the guests would be The Lurkers, circa Fulham Fallout. You may remember the Part Time Punks would have bought the O Level single, but it wasn't pressed in red so they bought The Lurkers instead. Hook it Stride ...

1 comment:

  1. Living by the certainly not rock and roll but otherwise quite pleasant suburb myself all these years and unaware a lost punk 7" had railed against it so thrillingly: top notch people.