Thursday 3 December 2009

London's Brilliant

"Elvis C you shouldn't have written her solo elpee. It should have been me ..." claims Lawrence during his hymn to Wendy James from Go-Kart Mozart's Instant Wigwam and Igloo Mixture. He suggests she's second only to "the very, the very great Joan Jett". It's a point of view Tom Vague in his Notting Hill timeline seems not to agree with. I mean the Wendy James being great thing, rather than the Elvis C part. Interestingly Elvis Costello has contributed quite a few London songs to our collection. Some may be too obvious to use, and some will, ahem, be on parade here, while some others are less than obviously London related like the great Man Out Of Time and Fish And Chip Papers. One of Elvis' songs for Wendy was The Clash mythography referencing London's Brilliant ...

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