Friday 4 December 2009

The Battle of All Saints Road

"A couple of years ago down Ladbroke Grove. The dreads uptight sitting on a treasure trove. A skinny white dude came in and took a chair. He had a black leather jacket and greased back hair. Well they ain't seen nothing like it down the Mangrove. Plugged his guitar into a flat iron stove Now all the brothers they began to stare. Hillybilly cat blew 'em on their derriere ..." Oh those London derrieres. The Battle of All Saints Road is Mick Jones mythography at its very best. Rastas and rockabilly kids outlaws together. The Harder They Come meets The Loveless. Rebels united against the cops and yuppies. The Paul Simenon cover painting for the Tighten Up 88 LP this track comes from captures the mood just right ...

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