Monday 21 December 2009

Hoover Factory

"Five miles out of London on the Western Avenue. Must have been a wonder when it was brand new. Talkin' 'bout the splendour of the Hoover factory. I know that you'd agree if you had seen it too. It's not a matter of life or death. But what is, what is? It doesn't matter if I take another breath. Who cares? Who cares? Green for go, green for action. From Park Royal to North Acton. Past scrolls and inscriptions like those of the Egyptian age. And one of these days the Hoover factory is gonna be all the rage in those fashionable pages ..." A touch of vision from our man Elvis in Hoover Factory, his homage to the pride of Perivale. And while this splendid example of '30s art deco architecture is indeed rightly revered I believe it's also to let. The vacuum cleaners are long gone. There's a Tesco superstore on the grounds these days. Of course. Supermarkets being our new cathedrals. This song first appeared in my home on a Elvis compilation of bits 'n' bobs called 10 Bloody Marys & 10 How's Your Fathers, which was cassette only and came in an elaborate gold lettered cover. Still got mine. It featured Elvis singing George Jones' Stranger In The House, when we were just coming to terms with the fact that country and western could be cool and soulful too ...

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