Monday 28 December 2009

All Change for the Bakerloo Line

"Piccadilly Circus, Regents Park, Baker Street then Hyde Park ..." Okay okay don't get all pedantic on me. Maybe I've misheard? Who cares? It does say all change, after all. Mood Reaction's All Change For The Bakerloo Line is such a glorious life affirming romp that it would churlish to split hairs. A bit of participation from The Pyramids too. And what a number for participation. Kent's Mood Reaction were (actually they're still going strong ...) the UK's leading white reggae outfit at the end of the '60s and recorded a glorious live LP at The Cumberland for Pama. The song itself was I believe written by Eddy Grant and first recorded by The Pyramids for President but there will be people who know more about this than me. Of course Can also recorded a track about going up the Bakerloo Line with Anne. And Can and other Krautrockers liked a bit of a dabble in reggae themselves, so perhaps Michael Karoli and others will appreciate the guitar work on Mood Reaction's Roaring Twenties, a b-side which will sound familiar. The title though may be a tribute to the Carnaby Street club run by the legendary Count Suckle or James Cagney and Bogey ...

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  1. Sad to say that Wally, Mood Reactions keyboard player Died earlier this year 2017...Sadly missed by the band and all their followers...RIP mate.