Friday 9 April 2010

Dagenham Dave

"I guess he lost control. And welcomed in the night. It was too much for him. What were his thoughts that night? The River Thames is cold. It keeps on flowing on. But it left Dave alone ..." The Stranglers' Dagenham Dave is a pretty tragic tale., which is odd as from the song title you might expect an Ian Dury sketch. And we won't mention Morrissey. Dave was the group's number one fan from early on, even before The Finchley Boys started following them. He sounded like quite a character. He'd work labouring, scaffolding, or whatever, making plenty of money, but he'd be the most well-read person around. He followed The Stranglers, but was a big jazz and classical buff. He was a committed socialist, by all accounts, who liked a good scrap. He had his problems though, and shortly after the recording sessions for The Stranglers' first LP in February 1977 he commited suicide by jumping off Tower Bridge. Ironically the name Dagenham Dave is slightly misleading. He was from Manchester originally, and the nickname was given to him after a stint working at the big Ford's factory in Dagenham. Dave didn't live to see group he loved so much on Top Of The Pops ...


  1. Poor ole Dave, why did he have to do that. I feel so sorry for him. I didn't know the man but i feel for him. Such a tragic tale

  2. The song is about my brother David, there is no need to feel sorry him because he was put on this earth for a short time he had very loving Mother , Father and sister who he rejected, in fact he left broken hearted parents. As for me it may sound harsh we all live our lives the way want to, and this was his he is in the spirit world he happy to watch over us

    1. What was Dave's surname and where is he buried?

  3. He sounds cool actually.I knew of somebody very very similar...won't mention name though.The Raven is possibly my fave Stranglers tune,highly intelligent bird also.